Summer Touch 2019, 22 May to 10 July

Summer Touch 2019, 22 May to 10 July

Wednesday 12 June 2019
18:30 - 20:30
By Steve Jenkins
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Summer touch will again take place in Anstey Park each Wednesday evening from the 22 May to 10 July 639pm to 830pm.

Open to anyone age 13 and over. No upper age limit!

As in previous years random teams will be picked and a league kept over the 8 weeks with prizes and a bar b q arranged for the final night.

Here is a brief summary of the rules

What are the rules? For anyone who hasn’t played touch before, or perhaps is a little rusty, here is a basic outline of the rules:

•Play starts and restarts at the centre with a tap of the ball on the ground with the foot and then picking it up. Penalties are performed the same way
•Re-starts and penalties require the defending team to retreat 10 metres.
•A try is scored by grounding the ball on, or behind, the try-line. One point is awarded.
•A touch can be on any part of the body, clothing or the ball. A player claims the touch by raising a hand and shouting, “touch”. We recommend that the touch takes place on the arm or shoulder. •When touched, the player in possession must place the ball on the ground at the exact point of the touch. Play is re-started by stepping over the ball. This is known as a roll ball, when the ball must not roll more than a metre. A player may not perform a roll ball unless touched.
•After 6 touches possession changes to the other team. The attacking team begins play on the first down, starting with a roll ball.
•All defending players must retreat 5 metres in line with the mark of touch. The defending team cannot move forward until play restarts, nor interfere with play while retreating. A restart occurs the moment the ball is tapped or a player touches the ball at the roll ball.
•The ball must be passed backwards at all times. If passed forward or dropped, or if a player crosses the sideline before being touched, change of possession will occur by means of a roll ball.
•No kicking is allowed.
•If a ball is dropped or passed to the ground, a changeover of possession occurs where the ball first landed. A roll ball starts the game again.
•The player picking up the ball (known as the dummy-half) may run but if touched a changeover occurs. The dummy-half may not score and a changeover roll ball will be awarded if this occurs. This rule can be introduced as the game develops.
•So now you know the basics, you can go out and give it a go!

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