Player Registration & Memberships via GMS 2 of 3

2. Purchasing club membership on GMS

Once registered and personal details have been updated on the GMS, members can now purchase their club membership online. How to do this:

Step 1. Login into the GMS to access your personal details. Login here.

Step 2. If you haven't already, update your details ensuring your details are correct particularly your date of birth and email address.

Step 3. For Life VP's who are renewing their membership, please follow steps 1 & 2 above. For Senior Players, or Mini / Youth parents please ensure all of your and your children are also registered and that their details are correct. This is where, if required, medical details and emergency contact details are also held.

Step 4. From your ‘Personal Details’ page click ‘Buy Membership’. We have a range of monthly or seasonal payment options on memberships available, covering Senior Players (Men and Women), Social members and youth players. Follow the information on the screens to select the additional players/family members for whom you may be purchasing.

Please note:
We cannot have children registered as members of the club without at least 1 parent or guardian also being registered - the parent/guardian can select either a senior player membership (if they are playing!) or a social membership. We also offer discounts for additional children in a family group. All discounts are applied at the checkout.